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A few changes

Dear Players,

Hereby I'd like to inform you of a few of the changes we have made during the past few weeks.

*Elite moderators now have access to comming ::compare (allowing them to compare users for matching account details (IP Address and such))

*Server supporters now have access to comming ::status (allowing them to view the punishments on a certain account. Also allowing them to properly assign "I don't Know" Appeals to the right staff member.

*The staff team now has a "G...

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As you can tell by the title, I'm deciding to resign from GS and almost completely quit GS.
Long story short, I've too much school work going on to have much free time to play on here.
In addition, living at the new house means even less free time on my hand because I'll be spending an hour driving + going to sleep earlier.

I don't find Grinderscape entertaining at all anymore, I have developed a severe lack of interest and I'm (in my eyes) just wasting my time staying, holding...

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3 Forums Promotions

With the resignation of Max leaving a huge hole in the forums staff team, and although he cannot be replaced, something needs to be done quickly. I have spent the last week or so deliberating on how best to change the team in order to stay running smoothly.

Obviously I cannot do this job alone, so I have decided to promote Greg to the rank of Forum Administrator. Greg has proven to me that he can not only help out the team, bu...

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oen2scape Update ( 10 - 27 - 15 )



Hello players, many updates in the background were performed to ensure better security to player accounts, however I'll not enter in much details about all the security changes.



  • All passwords got re-encrypted in a much stronger encryption, now it would be extremely hard if not impossible to players in game passwords get leaked.

  • Fixed a bug allowing player...

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Some small updates and future plans.

Hello guys!

I've worked on an update last few days for our main website: https://www.oen2scape.wix.com/ .
As you can see quite alot has visually changed, I've worked on improving the sites appearance and speed.
Our banners were 1 asset that was slowing our website down quite alot, because the images are quite big.
I implemented a simple lazy loader, which will only load the image whenever you requested it.

If you simply browse through our website you fill find lots of small differences.

A future plan that I will be working on whenever I can (Waiting for Pb600 to give me permissions to the right table) is a tool that we will use for appeals.
What I am planning on developing is whenever you log in on your account on our main website, a list of active punishments will show (if you have any).
Each entry in that list will have a 'Create Appeal' button, whenever you click on these you will be brought to a page on the HOMEPAGE, so NOT the FORUMS.
Whenever you are there you are able to add a note for the moderators, (if you're sorry or whatever).
You then simply press Submit Appeal and the appeal will be automaticly sent to the staff member that punishment.
Our staff members will then see a list of appeals made for them, these punishments are directly taken from the database, so our staff members will NEVER find an appeal there of a punishment that has already been undone/expired.

Offcourse admins/staff managers will be able to see all appeals that were made so they can take care of punishments that were done by staff members that by example resigned.

What will this help us? A system that I can totally customize myself, no incomplete appeals (by example someone who forgot to include the staff member that punished them, or anything like that).
That should automaticly speed up the process, because every staff member has their own list of appeals that they have to take care off.

Do you guys have any other idea's/suggestions?
Let me know!!

oen2scape is not affiliated with Jagex or Runescape in any way.

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